How to Fall Back in Love With Running

How to Fall Back in Love With Running When You’ve Had a Blip

How to Fall Back in Love With Running

IMG_3099-e1502559854775-769x1024 How to Fall Back in Love With Running When You've Had a Blip

On the start line of the London Marathon 2017


I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us at some point – you’ve got the running bug, you evangelise about its benefits amongst your friends, family and anyone else who will listen, you’re out at least several times a week, improving your times and signing up for races.  And then you have a blip.  It might be because you had a bad race or a bad run, you might have taken a holiday or had a change of scenery for another reason and before you know it, your motivation starts to wane.  You make excuses for not setting the alarm to get out of the house, you prioritise a different part of your social life and guess what, it’s your run that is top of the sacrifice list.  Before you know it, you start to wonder how to fall back in love with running.

I write from personal and very fresh experience.  After a bad race and an amazing holiday, I completely lost my motivation for running.  BUT, four months down the line, I’m starting to get my running mojo back and here are my top tips on how to fall back in love with running again:

  1. Take a break: forget the races looming in the diary.  Forget what it’s going to do to your figure (and your mind, if you’re anything like me).  If you can’t muster up the motivation to get out consecutive runs, then I’m here to tell you that that’s okay!  It will probably be good for you to allow yourself a break.  Listen to your body and your mind.  Sometimes a short break from it is all you need to find your motivation again.
  2. Chuck the training plan: isn’t it the most amazing feeling when you dedicate yourself to a training plan and you start to see the results?  But the opposite is also true – when you have a training plan stuck on your kitchen wall and you’ve lost your running mojo, walking past the plan every day and seeing the daily reminder that you’re not where you should be is enough to send you straight to the funny farm.  When I lost my running mojo, I personally found it liberating to remove the training plan from the wall, pull out of the next race and be content with that decision.
  3. Run when you feel like it: if you’ve made the conscious decision to take a break from running to help yourself fall back in love with running, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to run AT ALL.  If you feel the urge then leave your watch at home and just run.  You may well rediscover all the reasons why you fell in love with running in the first place.
  4. Use it as an opportunity to find something else: if you’re anything like me, running was all I did before I lost my mojo.  I was running four, sometimes five days a week, so it was hard to fit in any other type of exercise.  After my London experience and when I couldn’t find any motivation to run whatsoever, I discovered Joe Wicks and his HIIT exercises.  Now I try to do a few a week and it is working parts of my body that are untouched by running and I’m seeing results pretty fast.  A break from running doesn’t have to mean a break from exercise.  See the positives and explore other exercises you’ve often wondered about.
  5. Don’t panic, it WILL come back: there were times I felt that I would never fall back in love with running but four months down the line and one dropped out of race later, I am starting to feel differently.  I’ve talked it out with lots of people, I’ve enjoyed the liberty of running when I want to and not being a slave to a plan.  By listening to my body and my mind, I am finding out how I can fall back in love with running again.  You will too – give it time and be kind to yourself x
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