Romilly's room with the Stompa Uno bunk bed

How to Choose a Bunk Bed

How to Choose a Bunk Bed

IMG_1745-e1488743902833-768x1024 How to Choose a Bunk Bed

Romilly’s room with the Stompa Uno bunk bed

Wondering how to choose a bunk bed? Then please read on – I must have put at least 50 hours of research into the topic and sincerely hope I can help the painful process for anyone else choosing a bunk bed too.

We recently made the decision to have a sleeping arrangement reshuffle in our house. The decision came to a head after a visit from my brother who gently broke it to us that he’d had a ropey on the ever deflating airbed that has been our guest bed for the past five years. Coming from a nomad who can sleep pretty much anywhere, we took the hint. Enough was enough, it was time to work out how to choose a bunk bed for Romilly’s room (a good sized double) and a space saver double for Jasper’s room (the box room).

The Challenge
-Cozy three bed
-Family who live far away and need to stay with us when they visit
-Visiting friends who now have families

The Solution
-Bunk beds for Romilly

-IKEA Hemnes daybed in Jasper’s room. This is a small single bed but extends to a large double. This was the most cost effective bed I could find that extended out to make a full sized bed without a hole in between the two mattresses (there’s obviously a gap between the mattresses but not in the base). It is a Euro sized bed which is longer than a UK bed so special bedding is required

IMG_1745-e1488743902833-768x1024 How to Choose a Bunk Bed

Jasper’s room with the Ikea Hemnes Day Bed

How to Choose a Bunk Bed

As a storage fiend I really wanted to find bunks that had some sort of built in storage. Like a lot of four year old girls, Romilly loves hoarding little trinkets and putting things in boxes, pockets and in fact any type of container. Starting my search by looking only for bunks with built-in shelving, I considered the following:

Best Bunk Beds for Built In Storage

Julian Bowen bunk

Price: £279

Verdict: aesthetically I didn’t like the metal railings and would have preferred it all wood
GLTC Harbour bunks

Price: £955

Verdict: well beyond our budget but these look fabulous
Parisot Tam Tam

Price: £384

Verdict: amazing reviews and this was a strong contender
Flair Flick bunks

Price: £380

Verdict: looked similar to the Tam Tam but smaller underbed storage and I preferred the more classic style of the Tam Tam. Also there are nowhere near as many reviews for it and a couple weren’t particularly positive, pointing out it was easily damaged

But then we spent a joyful Sunday afternoon in Ikea where I discovered some really useful wall storage for kids and also some storage to hang on the side of the bed which would work on a top bunk. As a result, I did a total reverse and decided to go for a classic bunk with no storage. Here are the bunks I found the best:

Best Bunk Beds With No Storage

Marks and Spencer Hastings

Price: £499

Verdict: sturdy and classic and also offer flexibility as they become two single beds. Great reviews online
John Lewis Wilton

Price: £299

Verdict: great value bunks which were a strong contender for us
Aspace Milford

Price: reduced from £595 to £476

Verdict: a beautiful bunk bed from a highly reputed brand. Even though it was in the sale it was still on the pricey side for us
Stompa Classic

Price: £399 (sale price)

Verdict: a gorgeous classic bunk bed which separates into two single beds. This was the one we were going to go for until I found the…


The Perfect Find
Stompa Uno

Price: £600 including two mattresses

Verdict: I found this on the Stompa clearance section. It was last year’s stock but it came with shelf storage under the bottom bunk AND it still splits into two single beds when the kids eventually outgrow the bunk. In all my searching, I could not find another bunk that had storage and split into two beds.

When adding the cost of two basic mattresses to any of our top choices, we would have been paying in excess of £600. The fact that this price includes mattresses was a total winner.

The bunks look fantastic, the Stompa customer service was been outstanding as we had a little blip with the delivery which was swiftly resolved. The bunks are even sturdy enough for my 6ft1 husband to snuggle in with my daughter on the top bunk for bedtime stories. I am so pleased with them and would highly recommend the brand and the quality.

IMG_1745-e1488743902833-768x1024 How to Choose a Bunk Bed

Romilly’s room with Stompa bunk beds and Ikea storage

So there you have it, hours of research condensed into a few paragraphs. I really hope this helps others as they navigate their way through the bunk buying process.  The process has been totally worth it for us – when we have visitors, Jasper now sleeps in Romilly’s bottom bunk whilst guests can have his Ikea Hemnes extended out to a large double.  This is a great solution to our problem although we’re now planning an extension with extra accommodation in mind but more on that at a later date…


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