How to Fuel for a Marathon

What To Eat To Fuel For A Marathon


What to Eat to Fuel For A Marathon

You’ve signed up to a marathon – you’re excited, you’re nervous and whether you are a first timer or an experienced runner, you have a training schedule ahead that might set the butterflies in your tummy all a-flutter and at some point along the training journey, the question of how to fuel for a marathon is going to cross your mind.


This is one hugely important consideration, which often gets overlooked – and certainly did for me for at least my first few marathons – but how to fuel for a marathon, both pre and during race day, could be the answer to you hitting the wall on the day and could well mean the difference between a good race day and a not so good one.


Here is what I eat in the 12 hours before a race and during it to fuel for a marathon appropriately.  These favourites have served me well over the past four months of training for the London Marathon and along with a dedicated training plan, has put me in the best position for a PB this year:


Pre-Race Dinner

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Tried and Tested Pre-Race Dinner

  • Spaghetti with spinach, feta and pine nuts
  • (Fry a couple of minced garlic cloves for 30 seconds, add a packet of crumbled feta cheese, let it melt for a few minutes, add the spinach and stir until fully wilted. In the meantime, cook the pasta as per your preference. Mix the two together. Serves 4)



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Race Day Breakfast – Bircher Muesli

  • Bircher museli
  • (Put one cup porridge to one cup apple juice in a bowl, cover with cling film and leave overnight. In the morning, grate an apple into the mixture, add a couple of large tablespoons of yoghurt and mix together. Add any other fruit or nuts you like – I like adding some toasted almonds for texture and also some honey.)
  • A pint of water


At and During the Race

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My Fuel During the Marathon

  • A banana just before the start
  • Half a pint of water between waking up and standing on the start line
  • For the race itself, I pack a stack of Nakd bars and Ella’s Kitchen pouches (this come after years of using gels but my stomach not quite agreeing with them.  Nakd bars and pouches are far more gentle on the stomach and do the job just as well). From about mile six, I’ll start to munch on these regularly (every 3-4 miles). I find that it’s easier to eat the Nakd bars first as the more tired you get during the race, the more difficult it is to chew and the Ella’s Kitchen pouches are perfect at that point




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